What can I do if I'm sexually assaulted?

If you are sexually assaulted as an adult, you have a some options that you get to choose from. If you were assaulted under the age of 18 but are currently 18+, you are an adult and can decide what you want to do from the following options. If someone you know is sexually assaulted and they are under the age of 18, per Texas state law, this must be reported to CPS (1-800-252-5400 or www.txabusehotline.org)You may choose multiple options from this list. 
Options for adult survivors of sexual assault:
  • If your assault occurred within the last 96 hours, you have the option to do a forensic exam by a trained Sexual Assault Nursing Examiner (SANE) or an ER nurse. Consider the RAINN Guidelines. The forensic exam aims to collect evidence if you were to choose to report to law enforcement now or in the future. You do not have to report to law enforcement in order to get a SANE exam. You have 2 years to decide this if you are over the age of 18. The nurse will also examine you for injuries and provide medications for STIs and pregnancy prevention if you elect to receive these medications. This exam can be done at no cost to you as it is covered by the state of Texas under crime victim's compensation. Please see the page on the left for more information on this and/or call us with any questions you may have. If you would like to have an exam done, here are the steps:

    • Go to an emergency room (24/7) and tell them that you have been sexually assaulted and would like a forensic exam. ER nurses are trained to do this exam but they are not specially trained like the SANE nurse is. You have the choice, and legal right as a victim, to have your exam done here in the ER with an ER nurse or be transferred to a hospital with a SANE nurse program. In the Brazos Valley area, Baylor Scott & White in College Station has a SANE program.
    • An ER nurse and doctor will evaluate you for any immediate or life threatening injuries.
    • The ER nurse will contact SARC and we will send an advocate to accompany you throughout the exam (24/7) and provide resources from SARC as well as within the community for other needs you may have. 
    • An ER nurse or SANE nurse (depending on your choice) will start the exam which has both physical and verbal components of examination. 
    • If you choose to report to law enforcement at this time, an officer will be sent to the hospital to take your report and initiate the investigation process.
    • Your SARC advocate will provide you with a care package containing the resource broschures and other items so that you can shower and have something clean to wear.
  • Consider if you would like to report the sexual assault to law enforcement.
    • Each adult survivor has the right to make the choice to report or not.
    • If you want to report, law enforcement can meet you at the hospital.
    • However, the decision does not have to be made at the hospital.  Forensic evidence can be stored and processed for up to 2 years, if you decide to report then.
    • If you were assaulted under the age of 18, you can still make a report if you choose to even if the statute of limitations has expired
  • If you are a student or the perpetrator is a student, you have the additional option to report to Title IX at your university. SARC can assist you through this process if you choose to reach out to us. 

  • Even if you do not get an exam done or report to law enforcement, you can always seek services at SARC. Some services that you may be interested in might be support groups, DBT groups, individual counseling, or case management. Details can be found on Our Services page. After an assault, consider the following:
    • Healing takes time and is an individual process.
    • Counseling is available to all affected- even loved ones who were not assaulted.
    • It is never too late to ask for help, whether the assault is recent or from many years ago, even childhood.