Community Education & Outreach

The Education and Outreach Department focuses on facilitating FREE primary prevention education programs in local schools, juvenile correctional facilities, and alternative education programs throughout the Brazos Valley. Additionally, the EOS Department provides professional training to healthcare providers, law enforcement, staff in social services settings, and government officials. We maintain relationships with communities in Brazos, Grimes, Leon, Washington, Robertson, Madison, and Burleson counties through outreach programs and partnerships. The EOS Department is also responsible for the production of a monthly newsletter and the maintenance of the organization’s social media accounts.

We have routinely provided educational services at the following:
  • Elementary and Secondary Schools
  • Juvenile Correctional Facilities
  • Drug and Alcohol Rehabs
  • 12 Step Program Meetings
  • Universities
  • Legal and Law Enforcement Agencies
  • Housing Agencies
  • Healthcare Providers
  • and many more!
Topics and curriculum examples:
  • SARC services
  • Symptoms of sexual assault survivors
  • Drug facilitated sexual assault
  • Healthy relationships and consent
  • Sexual violence prevention
  • Bullying/treating others with respect
  • Body safety
  • *puppet shows available for younger children

The Education and Outreach Department can provide professional training, prevention and awareness educational programs to anyone in the Brazos Valley. You can choose from curriculum we have or we can tailor a presentation to meet the needs of your organization. We welcome the opportunity to partner with you! Please contact us today to schedule a free presentation.