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Meet Our New Executive Director

Lauren Carroll arrives at the Sexual Assault Resource Center with more than 10 years of nonprofit experience serving as an attorney and social worker both domestically and internationally. Ms. Carroll has spent her entire career advocating for the rights of others, within areas of sexual abuse, intimate partner violence, gerontology, homelessness, and mental illness. Following graduation from Eastern University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, where she received a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science, she began her career as a social worker and earned her Masters in Social Work from the University of Tennessee. Ms. Carroll continued her pursuit of advocacy by graduating law school and serving as a Program Attorney for the Guardian ad Litem in Jacksonville, Florida, where she handled trials for the agency. Additionally, she continued to represent survivors as an Injunction for Protection Attorney at Hubbard House, where she provided legal representation to survivors of domestic abuse, dating, sexual violence, and stalking. As a new chapter begins with SARC, Ms. Carroll’s vision is to reduce the occurrence of sexual violence and to ensure that survivors of sexual assault will receive prompt and empowering services, along with bolstering the advocacy efforts throughout the community. As an agency that provides help, hope and healing for survivors, SARC will continue to advance its efforts to end cultural and societal tolerance of sexual violence.