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In Their Own Words

    “The most important thing that I have shared here is that I discovered the possibility of living life without dragging the abuse everywhere I go and most importantly, that I can cleanse myself from its roots. I discovered that I can live, and not just survive and I owe a huge part of this discovery to SARC. I wouldn’t have made this discovery without the people that I have met here. SARC provides me with the space to talk about the most horrifying experience that I have lived, and still somehow feel safe. It’s a sanctuary for survivors. I am forever grateful.” 

    - Survivor  

    “As I continue on my healing journey, one of my biggest goals is to take back the identity that was taken from me, to figure out what I truly love, believe in, and stand for. Slowly but surely, I’ve been discovering these things, mainly thanks to my determination and the incredible people and resources at SARC… SARC has helped me create an identity by giving me something to pursue and live for; my support group, all the counselors, and the advocates have shown me how to take the rape and create something deeply meaningful and beautiful out of it. That is something I will forever be thankful for--SARC has given me back such an important part of my life.”

    - Survivor

    "Having volunteered with SARC for two years now, I can say with certainty that the people are SARC are by far and away the most dedicated and passionate people I have ever met that work to combat sexual assault. From providing services to survivors in their moment of crisis, to supporting them in the months and years afterward, to enhancing the prevention and awareness of sexual assault in the community and schools, SARC tackles sexual assault through a multitude of different tracks."

    - Achu Byju, Volunteer Advocate

    “Being an advocate for the Sexual Assault Resource Center has changed my life in innumerable ways. Answering hotline calls, accompanying survivors to emergency facilities, and staffing outreach events around the Brazos Valley allows me to give back to my community in a meaningful way. Also, the friendships I have formed with other advocates are ones I will treasure for a lifetime.”

    - Katie Stober, Volunteer Advocate

    “Working through the criminal justice system is not an easy process, especially for those who have experienced a traumatic event such as a sexual assault. SARC offers essential services to help survivors continue to heal. Without this resource many community members would lack necessary tools to combat sexual violence...As a professional in the field of victim services I would be unable to offer victims of sexual violence a holistic approach to healing without the staff, advocates, and those who continuously support the mission of SARC.” 

    - Annalee Hugo, CSPD Victim's Advocate 

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