If you, or someone you care about, has experienced sexual violence, we are here to help.



SARC works with survivors, their friends, and their loved ones to support healing, empowerment, and an understanding of the impact of trauma. Sexual violence includes rape, sexual assault, child sexual abuse, intimate partner sexual violence, incest, sexual harassment, stalking, and human trafficking. 


Our Services Include: 


  • Confidential 24/7 Crisis Hotline: Hotline Advocates are specially trained and provide support, answer questions, and can provide referral guidance to the right services. 

  • Case Management Services: Information and referrals, Crime Victims Compensation, Address Confidentiality Program, and advocacy for a Protective Order.

  • Locks of Refuge: SARC sends a locksmith to replace your key or lock for free. In order to see if you qualify, please contact our hotline at (979) 731-1000. 


Sex Trafficking: ​


Sex trafficking is a modern-day form of slavery and is a crime under state and federal law. 

  • Are you forced to live in the same place you work?

  • Has your family been threatened? 

  • Do you live with many people in a small space?

  • Are you not allowed to speak to anyone? Are you allowed to go anywhere alone?

  • Have you been coached to answer questions?

  • Does someone have your license, passport, and identification documents? 

  • Are you engaging in sexual acts for money against your will or out of fear? 

  • Are you scared? 


We are here to help. Call our hotline at (979) 731-1000.