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The Sexual Assault Resource Center is pleased to announce its first annual art exhibit for survivors, Metamorphosis. We have partnered with The Frame Gallery in Bryan, TX to display works of art that have been donated for survivors of sexual assault.


The art will be sold and the proceeds will be given to the Sexual Assault Resource Center's Counseling Department. Since 1983, the Counseling Department has offered free individual and group counseling for survivors and their families throughout the seven counties of the Brazos Valley. We are honored to provide a place of healing for survivors. 

Opening Reception:

April 2, 2021

The Frame Galley, Bryan, TX

7:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. 



Hollan Holmes is a landscape artist, who studied drawing and painting under the tutelage of Richard Hlad and Professor Arnold Leondar at Tarrant Co. Jr. College. He has over 35 years of experience in graphic design, coupled with 13 years as Senior Surfacing Artist at Reel FX Creative Studios, in Dallas, creating film and commercials for such clients as Sony, McDonalds, Pepsi, Dreamworks, Hasbro, Mattel and many more. Since 2016, Mr. Holmes has lived in the Dallas area of Texas,  and is a full-time landscape painter. For more information on Mr. Holmes and to purchase his art, please visit his Facebook page, Hollan Holmes Art.

Dana James (b. 1986)  is a painter and New Yorker native now residing in Bushwick, Brooklyn. She graduated from the School of Visual Arts in 2008. She is repressed by Hollis Taggart Contemporary in Chelsea, NY. Her work has been the subject of solo presentations at the Lodge Gallery (New York), Urban Gallery (Philadelphia) and Union Gallery (New York) among several others, and has been included in exhibitions at spaces and art fairs across the U.S. Her work can be found in private and public collections including the ISLIP Museum of Art and SIA in Cape Town, South Africa and in features such as  publications such as Hyperallergic, Art Forum and Art Critical.  


Taylor Bailey Douglass is an abstract expressionist painter and designer specializing in resin fine art and furniture, born in Houston, Texas. Creating spiritually and environmentally charged mixed media abstracts of calming cool colors, Douglass’s work explores introspection and the path to enlightenment through expression, encouraging the viewer to reflect and look within to be a positive force in the world. Douglass is inspired by elements, colors, and energies in the natural world and how they change the way we feel and react. Her hope is that her colorful work will transfer therapeutic frequencies, bringing awareness to the role of your inner being and human consciousness, as it pertains to living in harmony on earth with all living things. 

As an interdisciplinary artist and educator, Brooke Hood has been featured in organizations such as San Antonio Artist Collective, Annex Coworking, and Charity Bar. She has a Bachelor's Degree in Interior Design, which influences many of her artistic designs. She is a former high school teacher, specializing in architecture, as well as a resident artist at San Antonio School for the Performing Arts, and exhibits frequently at the Southtown Art Galley. 

For information on Brooke and her work, please visit:


Gretchen Warsen and her two younger brothers grew up in an old farm house at the end of a dirt road in Maine, where the constantly changing weather and raw landscape were perfect for observing and exploring. It was easy to be a creative kid in that environment, for all forms of artistic expression was encouraged by her family. Gretchen began her studies in music at Bates College, but transitioned her studies to the Arts Department at the Tyler School of Art in Rome. When her daughter was born, Gretchen became a full-time mother, and has since returned to painting after ten years. She now has a messy-but-active studio in the back room of her house in Westford, Massachusetts. Her understanding husband, two brilliant teen girls, nervous Bernese Mountain dog and two wild kittens do their best to "leave Mom alone in her studio or else she will be grumpy."

For more information about Gretchen and to view her work, please visit:

Growing up in Paraguay, Argentina and the United States gave Soledad Fernandez-Whitechurch a sense in introspection early on, and a need to express herself in a way that transcends language. Her art is a reflection of memory, Latin identity, and possibility. 

For more information on Soledad and to purchase pieces, please click on the following link:


Neena Buxani is an Indian-American artist who was raised on the border of Mexico in Brownsville, Texas. She currently resides in Austin, Texas with her husband and two boys. Neena’s paintings have been chosen to be a part of numerous shows, galleries and venues. Her works have been purchased by Private Collectors all over the world.

Currently, Neena is working with two styles of painting. The first style utilizes alcohol ink to create medium to large-scale abstract gemstones, which she has titled her “Jewel Collection”. Growing up in a family of jewelers, Neena was always surrounded by beautiful gems and crystals. Her love of gemstones drove her to acquire a Gemology Certification from the Gemological Institute of America. The magic brought to the world by gems has inspired her to celebrate them through the use of bold color and inviting textures.

Neena Buxani’s second style is more representational. She uses colors often found in her “Jewel Collection” to create large-scale florals and Goddesses. She has a strong desire to extract the positivity that radiates from flowers and Goddesses and transfer it onto canvas. She carefully selects a color-scheme, pattern and composition for each painting that she feels will showcase the powerful emotions she wants the painting to reflect. Going from one style to the other on any given day, allows her the satisfaction of exercising different parts of her brain, leaving her content in her own right.

Jacquelyne Dennis is an active fine arts professional in the Austin, TX area. She has been painting since 2015 and has successfully received her BFA in Studio Art (Concentration in Painting) from Texas State University in San Marcos, TX in 2019.  Her mission is to tell a personal narrative through her work by depicting people and places that have shaped her identity and also uses realism to show the modern Texas culture by combining elements of country living in the modern contemporary city. She grew up on different ranches in Texas and saw an interesting version of ranch life, mixed with a modern way of living. Her parents adopted a traditional western lifestyle raising and training horses, barrel racing, and country dancing, but exposed to her to modern ideas and creative outlets such as art, music, dance, and theater. This led her to have a deep appreciate for contemporary art and western culture. The act of painting as a therapeutic practice and exploration of self, helps her to understand her methods of creativity and identity.

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Amber Favre is a Seattle painter, now living and painting in Katy, Texas. She focuses on large textured paintings inspired by dream-like images. Amber started painting after a near-death experience that not only left her unable to walk for several months, but also completely changed her outlook on life. "I saw how connected our internal world is to our external reality and felt a deep urge to create paintings that created a clam but uplifting "feeling"- something I feel we can all use more of in our hectic lives. They say the mind responds to color therapy (and visual images) in measurable ways, and I took this to heart." Amber went to school to understand how the brain responded to visual images and earned a Bachelors Degree from the University of Washington in Visual Communications. Outside of school, she painted and painted in hopes that she could create the right "feeling" and maybe it would help her feel better. Amber eventually recovered from her injuries, but ended up with so many paintings that she donated them to Charity Auctions where they surprisingly fetched a good price. This is how she got her start in the "art world" and now, she paints non-stop with a focus on color, texture and mood in hopes that visual images can have a positive impact on our well-being.

Agnieszka Sowa was born and raised in south of Poland in a small village surrounded by mountains. The beauty of her surroundings increased my sensitivity to colors, forms, patterns, and figures. She was always looking for an extension and a representation of the natural world and turning it into something creatively visual. Angieszka studied design in High School and designed clothes, outfits, and accessories during her spare time. Once she graduated, her curiosity took her on a different path, and she enrolled in a pedagogy course aiming to be a trained therapist. However, during her years at the university, she was always actively involved in all sorts of artistic events mainly poetry and art exhibitions. After her master’s degree, she decided to venture to Italy for a year, and from then she moved to Norway. Scandinavia has inspired her and taught her how to appreciate beauty in its simplicity. She fell in love with its simplicity and tranquility on the Norwegian nature, way of life and how it inspired their homes design, living and work space, clothes, etc. Angieszka is a true believer that less is always more and it was all about healthy consumption and protection. After moving to the USA 6 years ago, she started rediscovering my artistic instincts and reflexes. She realized that there are so many emotions and energy in her that she must share with the world and this is how her night painting started.


"My art is my expression of how the inner self communicates with the world and nature. I use my imagination to creatively capture these messages in my emotions. I believe my art releases internal and external inhibitions. It captures me, what I love and what makes me happy and fulfilled. Each of my paintings contains a part of me, my energy and strength, emotions that were in me at that particular moment. My paintings are conversations between me and the audience."


Amy Stone was born and raised in the suburbs of New York City. She has a BA in Fine Arts and Comparative Literature from the University of Colorado, and a Masters in Art Education from Hofstra University. Since relocating to Seattle in 2014 with her family, she has shifted her medium to painting with a focus on abstract expressionism and abstract women. A mom of two young boys, she draws inspiration from even the most mundane tasks in her daily life. Stone says that her work relates her work to the idea of Wabi-sabi; the quintessential Japanese aesthetic. It is a beauty of things imperfect, impermanent, and incomplete.  A beauty of things unconventional. This is often how her paintings are described.



Instagram: @amystoneart

Initially used as a tool for personal therapy and spiritual connectedness Austin’s process based work explores the intimate relationship between subject and viewer with layers, texture, and details. It’s a practice in staying present, while resolving abstract plays on color, composition, and texture.

In experimenting with this process, Austin compels the viewer to take a close look - to become intimate with the art, resembling our very own human nature and desire. To be fully seen and known.

Arielle works primarily with acrylic, oil paint, and paper to produce abstract works on canvas while expressing the emotional scape of our transitory existence. From layered oil paintings and vibrant abstraction, Austin believes the viewer can find a part of themselves in each piece.

In addition to refining her own practice, Arielle can also be found leading Abstract painting workshops in Austin, Texas.

For more information about Austin, please visit:

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HG Adair is a young contemporary artist living in Houston, Tx. She focuses on digital and gouache illustrations that reflect and portray the current social environment. She is completing her Doctorate Degree at the University of Texas at Austin and will graduate in May of 2021. Creating artwork has always provided an escape for this artist, as her original career in the healthcare field had very little room for creative expression. She hopes to create artwork that can be felt and appreciated by all types of people. She creates images that uplift all voices, especially those that have been traditionally marginalized.


She is incredibly honored to be participating in the Metamorphosis art show, and hopes she can continue to contribute in upcoming years. The piece donated reflects how assault can strip a person down to their core, leaving them feeling hollow, but how beautiful they become once the trauma is overcome.


She can be found on instagram at