Mirror Mirror

Written by e.e.vira

I move through a world
Reflective in nature
People made of glass
Their appearances denatured
By the cunning sense of irony
No one is who they claim to be

They cut you down to make you small
Until you feel that you are nothing at all
You try your best to do nothing but please
But these people are bullies
They will not be appeased

“You’re stupid. You’re dumb. So undeserving.”
These accusations are becoming unnerving
“Pathetic. Inferior. You don’t belong.”
I cannot find proof that they are all wrong

“You’re fat. You slut. You can’t fit in.
Try as hard as you like, you will never win
No one cares. You aren’t wanted here.
Things would be better if you just disappear.”

The voices won’t stop smothering me
They come from every direction
I look around and all I see
Is a little girl begging for protection

“Mirror mirror,” she begins to recite
As if she’s in despair
“I’ll give you anything of me that you like
If you will make me more than fair!”

Sparkles dancing in the eyes of the glass
She chases in empty pursuit
Stripping herself of all the things
That dazzled in her youth

When I caught her reflection in the faces of glass
I couldn’t believe what I did see
Always deflected in the faces of others
But my greatest bully was in fact me

Now you see. Each of us is made of glass
Concealing the truth inside
Things are not always as they appear
Behind our critic, we run and hide

Please excuse the mess but I had to undress
I’m the perfect picture of brokenness
I’m made of glass and it’s plain to see
That anyone could damage me

The Sexual Assault Resource Center is so grateful for the incredible words of e.e.vira. If you would like to submit poetry to our Center, please email it to reachingout@sarcbv.org